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11 Jan 2016

Ceria Gym - Fitness Packages

CERIA GYM - Outdoor Fitness equipment is the perfect solution for any environment, large or small.

Start with our predesigned packages and customize your layout for any area. CERIA GYM ’ core, accessible, and Professional Series adjustable units can be combined to fit the unique needs of any project.

For the maximum benefit to the community, CERIA GYM ’ Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Park includes a complete Pro-Adjustable circuit; body-weight resistance and ADA-accessible exercise area; boot camp; kickboxing stations; and an open area for stretching, Zumba and other activities.

Ceria Gym




Ceria Gym  Pull-up Rack

Ceria Gym Arm Wheel

Ceria Gym Bicycle

Ceria Gym Body Trainer

Ceria Gym Elliptical Cross Trainer

Ceria Gym leg press trainer

Ceria Gym Parallerbar

Ceria Gym Pull Chair

Ceria Gym Push Chair

Ceria Gym Seated Pedal Trainer

Ceria Gym Spacwalker

Ceria Gym Stepper

Ceria Gym Surboard

Ceria Gym Taiji wheel

Ceria Gym Trainer

Ceria Gym Wabboard

Ceria Gym Waist Movement Trainer

Ceria Gym Waist& back massager